Government Shutdown 2013 !

October 1st, 2013 marks the first federal government shutdown in seventeen years (17). The shutdown is effectively shuttering public facilities due to low fundings.  At the heart of the crisis, there is a standoff between the two chambers of Congress controlled by opposing parties. House Republicans  are still trying to delay “Obamacare,” while Senate Democratic leaders refuse to consider anything other than a clean continuing resolution. The entrenchment by the House and Senate has deflated hopes of a speedy resolution. The U.S. government shutdown entered Day 2 Tuesday with no clear end in sight. House Republicans continued to demand that the nation’s new health-care law be delayed or repealed and Democrats including President Obama were refusing to give in. The shutdown has now sent some 710,000 to 770,000 employees home across the country, delayed the paychecks of another 1.3 million “essential” workers, and shuttered numerous government functions.

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