Net Nuetrality PIPA & SOPA

Net neutrality is a network design paradigm that argues for broadband network providers to be completely detached from what information is sent over their networks.  In essence, it argues that no bit of information should be prioritized over another.  This principle implies that an information network such as the Internet is most efficient and useful to the public when it is less focused on a particular audience and instead attentive to multiple users. When some people hear about net neutrality, the first thing that comes to mind is government regulation.  These people want to preserve the internet in its present state, a state in which people can freely express their ideas in a forum as open and egalitarian as possible.   These people think that regulation would only impede the freedom associated with the internet when that is desired is to maintain the status quo.  To a degree, these people are right, even the most devoted supporters of net neutrality only want to maintain what we have now.  What people do not always realize is that even though there is no government regulation at present, the internet has been following these ideals until very recently. he Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and its Senate companion bill, the Protect IP Act.  The purpose of these bills is to make it harder for sites — especially those located outside the United States — to sell or distribute pirated copyrighted material such as movies and music as well as physical goods such as counterfeit purses and watches. Even most of SOPA and PIPA’s strongest opponents applaud the intentions of the legislation while deploring what it might actually accomplish.


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